PJ BlastClean provide industry standard cleaning services

Metal Gates / Railings – Due to the weather conditions in the UK your metal gates and railings can become worn and rusty. Your gates and railing are the first thing people see when approaching your home or business. With our fully mobile service our team can come to you and have them blasted in no time. 

Motor bike – Whether its your motor bike frame that needs blasting or just small parts. It could be that it is starting to rust or you fancy a change of colour and it needs taking back down to basics before you can proceed to do this. We do a lot of work for our local Powder Coating company. Our team have done many motor bike frames and will take extra care with your pride and joy. 

Alloy wheels – Over the years alloy wheels start to look tired and worn, sandblasting them restores them back to there original state allowing them to be powder coated, primed or sprayed leaving them looking as good as new. 

Lamp posts – Victorian cast iron Lampposts over the years start to rust and paint flakes off, we have sandblasted a few of these Lampposts where this has happened, after they have been sandblasted they would need painting, the end result is brilliant. 

Any small items we can pick up and deliver, taking them to our blasting room to be sandblasted using the latest sandblasting equipment and the appropriate abrasive for the item. We have a same day turn around (please note that during our very busy periods the item may not be delivered until the day after).

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