Professional Sandblasting Services

Our range of professional sandblasting services are specifically designed to clean and restore the interior and exterior of any building. At PJ Blastclean our team of specialists have a wealth of experience and expertise in sandblasting the following surfaces:

Stone : Brickwork : Metal : Wood : Concrete

We service domestic, commercial, and industrial customers with our premium sandblasting service.

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Sandblasting Buildings

The interior or exterior of a building can be transformed within a matter of days using our sandblasting services. Whether you have a build-up of dirt, tough concrete, or soot. Our shot blasting services are perfect for cleaning and restoring your building. Our team is more than happy to provide advice and guidance on the safest and most effective way of shot blasting your property. 

Sandblasting stonework offers the chance to uncover the charm of old walls hidden beneath the grime and dirt. We use the most up-to-date blasting equipment and techniques. We always take pride and care when cleaning a property and always leave a brilliant finish.

Sandblasting Stone

Old stone buildings have a beauty to them. We just can’t help being drawn to the history that they offer. To the pure magnificence of their stunning architectural design. However, this beauty can only take effect when a stone building has not been neglected. Years of dirt and pollution staining a building can make it look unappealing, regardless of its stunning design. This is the same for houses. Your properties exterior is the first thing that people see. If it’s black with soot then people are going to have a negative opinion of your home before they even step foot through the door.

Sandblasting stone can help you to remove years of dirt and grime and leave your building looking as beautiful as the day it was built. No matter the size and history of your structure we are able to sandblast it in a safe way that will leave the stonework unharmed. Contact us today to discover more.

Sandblasting Brick

After years of heavy wind and rain, brick can become weathered and worn. It can begin to crumble and look uneven. When this happens to your brickwork it gives your property a neglected look.

It paints a bad image of the person or business that lives inside it. Thankfully, sandblasting offers the perfect solution. It is a non-toxic cleaning service that evens out worn surfaces and leaves them looking fresh.

If this sounds of interest to you then look no further! PJ Blastclean are brick cleaning specialists. Just get in touch to discover how we can make your building look brand new with our professional brick cleaning service.

Sandblasting Beams

Much of our work involves sandblasting timber beams and timber frames. Sandblasting beams is a quick cost-effective way of cleaning without doing any damage to the wood. We blast old and new timber, removing gloss, paint, black marks, water stains, or preparing the timber for woodworm treatment.

A lot of the beams we blast are in historic buildings. Sandblasting removes the top layer of the timber to leave the beams looking clean and refreshed. We also blast new timber. When building, some architects use oak frames. These frames can get marked while on-site, so we give the timber a gentle blast to leave them looking as good as new.

We can blast roof beams, lintels and timber frames, hardwood or softwood. We use fine abrasive blasting and the latest equipment to produce the best finish. Our team love bringing wooden beams back to their former glory leaving you with a top-quality end result.

Sandblasting Fireplaces

Having your stone fireplace sandblasted can really create a wow factor. We believe sandblasting original stonework creates a stunning feature in any property, domestic or commercial. Having an old stone fireplace restored would make a feature in a:

Pub Renovation : Barn Conversion
Grade II listed property : Wood : Little Cottage

A lot of commercial customers are looking into having their fireplaces sandblasted because they know how much character this can deliver. Original stonework really stands out against newer construction styles or brick walls which may be more common these days.

Sandblasting Flagged Floors

Sandblasting is a quick and effective way of bringing your stone-flagged flooring back to its original state with minimal damage. Stone flagged floors can be sandblasted and restored to their former glory even if they are covered in concrete, bitumen, ash-felt, paint, or years of grime. After the stone floors have been sandblasted, they show their natural colourings and look very impressive.

We take pride in our work from beginning to end. Stone flagged floors are brilliant in traditional and contemporary buildings. An original stone flagged floor is ideal for pubs, restaurants or shops due to its durability and low maintenance.

We use the most up-to-date blasting equipment and techniques and our team is dedicated on getting the best results for our clients. If you are starting a renovation or simply just want a clean and refreshed look why don’t you contact us and our team will happily advise you.

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Our primary goal is to ensure your health and safety while being on your property for a cost-effective price. Whether it’s, cladding cleaning, exterior cleaning, render cleaning, or stone cleaning, we’ll offer a well-priced service that leaves your property looking like it’s just been built.

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