Specialised Driveway Cleaning Services

A dirty driveway isn’t a problem when you’re parked on it. It’s the moment when you head to work or drop the kids off at school that it becomes an issue. As soon as your car is moved you can be sure people will notice the grime and oil stains. Whether it’s prying neighbours or potential customers, people are picky.

Keeping your driveway clean is not as easy as many may think. Most oil stains are difficult to remove, which makes it difficult for home and business owners to keep their driveways looking clean and tidy.

Thankfully, we can solve this problem for you. We can offer you a driveway cleaning service that will leave your driveway looking as glamorous as the car parked on it. Just contact us today to organise your completely free, no-obligation quote.

We Remove

Dirt : Oil : Spots : Moss : Algae

Our driveway cleaning process requires care, attention, and expertise. Oil stains and algae are not always easy to remove. And, if your driveway is not cleaned correctly, moss and algae will keep coming back. Not using a professional for this service means that you are just prolonging the problem, not solving it. When working with us you have access to a team of highly trained professional cleaners whose duty is to restore your

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Professional Cleaning Services

We offer you professional services including cleaning your driveway, patio, and surrounding areas. A clean driveway means an appealing and sophisticated-looking home. Whether you want pressure washing or a steam cleaning service, our team does a fantastic job.

Check our website to see the patio cleaning services available for you. We have included plenty of examples from our happy customers to demonstrate just how immaculate a driveway can look once our team have worked on it.

Our service doesn’t just stop at driveways. Patio cleaning is also part of the work carried out by us. Simply fill out our form to contact us and receive a free quotation for your driveway cleaning needs. We are one of the best block paving cleaning companies in the UK. If you want proof, then check out some of our before and after examples on the website.

What Do Your Driveway Cleaning Services Include?

Driveways need maintenance and cleaning services to keep their original colour. Not doing it can lead to a build-up of dirt, moss, and debris. There are many methods to clean driveways and block paving patios, and each one of them generates different results. Whether you need a tough chemical to kill moss and algae, or a strong pressure wash to wipe away oil, we can offer it all. At PJ BlastClean we don’t take a “one size fits all” approach to your cleaning needs.

Steam cleaning is also an option with us. This process is the perfect way to finish a beautiful driveway cleaning job. That’s because professional steam cleaning services can get rid of even the tiniest granule of dirt on your driveway.

We can help you regardless of if you have imprinted concrete, crazy paving, natural stone, tarmac, decking, or block paved driveways. The material of your patio is not a problem for us. Our professional fully trained team can make all the repairs needed to restore your driveway to its former glory.

Do You Also Offer Patio Cleaning Services?

Of course! Our customers can also enjoy patio cleaning services any time they need them. We put the same effort into roof or patio cleaning as we do with driveway cleaning, so you get an excellent finish any time you hire us.

The service we provide also helps you get rid of weeds, grime, algae, dirt, and oil stains.  This means you won’t have to worry about any pesky plants cluttering your imprinted concrete or block paved driveway for a long time after our team have been around.

The cost of roof or patio cleaning services is not that expensive. If you’re worried about cost, you can get a no-obligation quotation by calling us. Call or email to tell us where in the UK you need us and receive more information!

Can You Clean Driveways Made of All Materials?

Yes. Our fully trained team can take moss and dirt off tarmac, natural stone, or paved driveways. Our team of experts does a fantastic job cleaning all of them. Our patio cleaning service also includes work on all of these materials.

Get a free quote for your path cleaning solutions, and make sure to tell us the type of driveway or patio you have when hiring our team. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with all the work we carry out.

Why Should I Hire a Driveway Cleaning Service?

Algae, oil stains, grime, and moss are common problems for UK driveways. They can make a black spot on your driveway, which makes it look unattended and poor. Some people pay attention to even the tiniest detail. Picky customers or clients may notice dirty driveways, and you can be sure your neighbours have prying eyes too.

Our team’s job is to give your property the appeal it should always have, and they can do it quickly with a high degree of efficiency.

Don’t worry about our company taking too much time to give you the maintenance services you asked for. We can take care of any grime, algae, or moss in your property or pavers in no time. The work we carry out makes us one of the best driveway cleaning companies in the UK!

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Whether it’s patio sealing, cleaning, or maintaining, we are the ones for you. You can rest assured that your driveways are safe with us. Your property’s kerb appeal is sure to increase once our team of professionals have given it the once over. It doesn’t matter if it’s complicated paving, imprinted concrete, or a block paving cleaning request. We’ll be sure to provide a service that blows you (and your driveways grime) away!

We’d love to work with you to carry out our patio, driveway, and path cleaning service and get your property looking as good as new! We can make you forget about grime, algae, moss, dirt, and oil stains. Customers need to simply fill our form to give us their information. We assure you of a professional job and excellent service.

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