Domestic & Commercial Building Cleaning Service

As a professional exterior cleaning company, we provide a range of building cleaning services to both domestic and commercial customers. We spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining the inside of our homes, so why don’t we invest the same effort into exterior building cleaning? After all, it is the first thing people see.

This is the same for our commercial customers. Your commercial unit paints a picture of you and your business, especially if clients are visiting. Whether you need commercial or domestic cleaning services, PJ BlastClean is always on hand to help.

Our services cover: cleaning exterior surfaces, stone cleaning, roof cleaning, high-pressure washing, render cleaning, block paving cleaning, cladding cleaning, and patio cleaning. No matter your building’s cleaning needs, you can be sure we’ll have a service that’ll leave it looking as new as the day it was built.

We take pride in our professional team and ensure they always stock enough equipment to provide you with high-level cleaning services. Contact us if you need us to go to your home or business with our exterior cleaning service. We can take on any cleaning project you need. Just call us on *** for your completely free, no-obligation quote.

Domestic Exterior Building Cleaning

Our exterior cleaning services can make your property look so new it’s worthy of being in the Perfect Homes Magazine. You might be worried about the cost of our services, but you don’t have to be. We do everything for a competitive price. With PJ BlastClean, external building cleaning has never been more cost-effective.

As business owners we want to feel like every penny we spend is a good investment. So you might be wondering why you should bother cleaning the exterior of your commercial building. Dirty buildings represent a danger to our clients. Air pollution is the beginning of your problems. Some parts of a building can break or lose stability due to moss or algae. Regular external building cleaning and maintenance of your building help to prevent this problem. It keeps your business looking professional and your clients safe.

The external building cleaning you need can depend on everything from your building’s material to the budget you have in mind. You can always contact us for more information on the services that we offer. But, if you’re looking for a quick breakdown, here’s a brief description of what we can do for you:

High-Rise Building Cleaning

We aim to help businesses of all sizes. Not just based on the size of their brand, but the size of their building. It doesn’t matter whether your building has two story’s or twelve, we can still offer you the same high-end cleaning service. Certain members of our team are IPAF licensed. This allows them to drive cherry pickers to those jobs that require more than a mop, bucket, and step ladder.

Cherry pickers act as a kind of crane which holds a platform and lifts it into the air. Our professional cleaning team then stand on this platform and allow it to lift them up to every level of your high-rise building. No, its height, dirt and grime can’t escape our professional cleaning service.

Cladding Cleaning

Our external building cleaning process is perfect for cleaning cladding. Keeping your building’s cladding clean is a fundamental part of maintaining its aesthetic appearance. That’s because cladding is one of the most recognizable parts of a property. Letting it get dirty can paint an unprofessional image of an office building or business.

The PJ BlastClean exterior building cleaning team is fully trained and has the right equipment to give you abrasive cleaning services in a professional manner. We are also fully insured, so don’t worry about that. Just see how this team can bring new life to your building’s cladding.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is essential for all households. As happens with soffits and fascia, leaving gutters dirty can attract critters. All kinds of animals can get into your building. That can endanger your safety and spread disease. The best thing you can do is rely on our excellent service to receive fantastic results.

We can make a full restoration of your gutter and patio in no time at all. Contact us for further information or a free, no-obligation quote.

Soffits & Fascia Cleaning

Many people in the cleaning industry know how to recognize gutters and cladding. Yet, they can’t tell you what soffits and fascia are. Because of that, they leave those parts of their building dirty. If these soffits and fascia get dirty to such an extent that they begin to rot or wear away, you can get trapped in a dire health and safety situation.

Rain can get into your building through those holes and cause damp and damage to the building. This can be both costly and dangerous, especially if that water hits any electrics. Fortunately, our team does an excellent job of roof cleaning and cleaning soffits and facia. You won’t need to worry about any of these problems arising when you hire us.

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Commercial Building Cleaning

Now that we’ve addressed domestic exterior cleaning services, we can move on to commercial properties. Commercial projects tend to be different from home-related ones. The reason for this is that business buildings are meant for customers to visit them. First impressions are important, so commercial buildings need to have a special appeal.

Apart from that, businesses tend to have bigger buildings, which means workers need to put in extra hard work to bring you the best results. We can keep the exterior of your company clean and safe for you and your customers. Here are some of the services we offer our customers:

Soft Washing

High-pressure washing and soft washing have a positive effect on the building. When you soft wash your business, you are making sure that it’s a safe place for everyone. That includes customers and employees. However, it’s not something you can do by yourself.

Every cleaning team needs the correct equipment to ensure the safety of everyone in the building while soft cleaning it. Apart from that, they have to make sure not to have direct contact with any agent that is harmful to the human body. This is why soft washing is such a professional service. It isn’t just about leaving your building spotless. It’s about doing it in a way that keeps you and your staff safe.

Window Cleaning

No one wants their building’s windows to look dirty. Additionally, potential customers can notice it, which may lead them to think you don’t care about keeping your building clean. Let us clean your glass and give you the shiny reputation you strive for.

Windows are part of your external building, so window cleaning is one of the services we offer. You just have to give us a call and book a space with us. We’ve tailored this service so it is highly beneficial for commercial property owners. We don’t just leave your windows sparkling, but we’ll do it in a record time that means minimum disruption for your business.

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Our primary goal is to ensure your health and safety while being on your property for a cost-effective price. Whether it’s, cladding cleaning, exterior cleaning, render cleaning, or stone cleaning, we’ll offer a well-priced service that leaves your property looking like it’s just been built.

Call us any time and say hello to a life free from moss, dirt, and algae.

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