PJ BlastClean provide industry standard cleaning services

PJ BlastClean have been providing first-class building cleaning services to Yorkshire and its surrounding areas for years. Keeping your building looking its best is key for making a good impression to visitors and passers-by. 

Building cleaning is a job that is often forgotten about by business owners, however, this is vital to keep on top of as it leaves dirt particles from air pollution, algae and bird droppings to accumulate causing the building to not only look extremely dirty, but also to deteriorate faster.

Here at PJ BlastClean we can bring all buildings back to life with a top to bottom clean. 

We pride ourselves on punctuality, honesty and good work ethic we are a straight down the line professional team. 

In today’s competitive business environment, your business needs to stand out from the rest. 

We use the latest pressure washing machines and techniques to give your commercial property a deep clean, washing away years of dirt bringing it back to life. High-pressure water, in combination with special chemicals, aids in the removal of tough grime and dirt.

The outside of your commercial property is the first thing people see and first impressions count! Over time the exterior of your building can become filthy and suffer from the effect of the environmental factors causing moss, algae and lichen. A dirty or weather worn exterior can put your customers off.

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