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First impressions are everything. Whether it is your home or company headquarters, the first thing people see is the exterior of your property. Because it is the first thing people see, it will be what they base their first impression on.

You can have the best interior design in the world, but if the surfaces of your building are covered in grime, it won’t make a difference. That is your first impression.

By pressure washing your property, you ensure that the first impression it makes is a good one. Whether that is to impress friends, family or new customers. Paint the right image of your home or business today by contacting a professional pressure washing business like PJ Blastclean. We combine the best pressure washing equipment with a fantastic and friendly service that will leave you, and the grime on your building, blown away.

Continue reading this page to discover more about our pressure washing business and the equipment and cleaning services we provide.

External Building Cleaning

We offer a diverse range of services to fit all your cleaning needs. Since our services are so diverse, our equipment needs to be as well. We have a full range of high tech cleaning equipment which ranges from cherry pickers to our industrial hot pressure washing machines.

Whether you need Pressure Washing, Soft Washing, or Steam Cleaning we have the latest commercial equipment that is perfect for the job. Below is just a few examples of the cleaning services that our pressure washing business can offer you.

Pressure Washing

Buildings that have been professionally cleaned with a pressure washer stand out from their neighbouring properties. They speak volumes about the inhabitants that live inside and radiate an aesthetic appeal.

Even though a clean property has a positive appeal, the process of cleaning it doesn’t. Especially if you don’t own any cleaning equipment. It is an even less attractive thought if the cleaning equipment that you do own is substandard. The thought of spending our day cleaning a building with nothing but a mop and bucket isn’t an exciting one. However, this soon changes if you employ the services of a professional pressure washer.

A pressure washer is designed to be easier and more efficient than any other type of cleaning equipment. A pressure washer works by shooting high-pressure water onto the surface of your building and blasting away the grime that resides there. No matter how resilient the grime is, our pressure washer will be able to blow it away.

Patio Cleaning

Patios make a stunning addition to any garden, but they are expensive to fit. Make sure this money isn’t wasted by letting your beautiful patio become thick with mud and muck.

It’s not just dirt that can tarnish your lovely patios either. Like with driveways, patios easily fall victim to moss. Regular pressure washing work carried out on your patio takes care of those unwanted weeds and keeps it looking spotless. Pressure washed patios are easily distinguishable from their mucky counterparts.

Browse the website to see some of the pressure washing services we have completed for clients in the past. You’ll see that a professional pressure washing service makes all the difference.

Driveway Cleaning

If you’re looking for a driveway cleaning company in West Yorkshire then look no further. We can help any commercial or domestic clients with all their driveways needs. Whether your once beautiful driveway is troubled by oil or moss, we’ll be able to help with our pressure washing service.

It’s easy to ignore a dirty driveway when you’re parked on it. But once you drive to work and your car is removed, that’s when it becomes noticeable. We’ll be sure to clean away any of your driveway’s oil stains, dirt or debris with our professional jet washing service.

The same rules apply to your businesses driveways. They’ll be even more prone to oil and grime if multiple employees are using them. Make sure your business driveway gives the professional look your business strives for by keeping it regularly pressure washed.

Hire us as your preferred pressure washing business today. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results your driveway receives from our driveway cleaning service.


We at PJ BlastClean have the latest Sandblasting – Shot blasting equipment, our equipment makes light of the smaller jobs through to the bigger ones.

Sandblasting – Shot blasting process uses high-pressure equipment to spray particles of abrasive onto a surfaces area resulting in the cleaning and bringing back to life of the brick, stones or Beams. When using a sandblasting service, particular attention should be given to the abrasive required, too course of abrasive will damage a surface so it is vital to seek advice on selection of the correct abrasive to ensure just enough is taken off living the surfaces clean without any damage.

For any questions on our professional sandblasting services, such as cost and timeframes, you can call us on 01535 668960. Don’t worry about money, we offer you a completely free, no-obligation quote before you proceed. This way you know what to expect without worrying about the cost. If after your quote you decide you want to hire us as your preferred sandblasting business, we’d be delighted to help.

Render Cleaning

Renders and cladding are not maintenance free. As they’re a surface that gets touched daily, it’s important to keep them clean for safety reasons as well as preventing dirt buildup which can lead towards corrosion or rusting after time has passed since initial construction. You might think this task falls under housekeeping but in reality we see professionals like ourselves who offer exterior cleaning services! We ensure all of our equipment is up-to date with the latest technology so you know your property will be beautifully presented at any occasion.

Areas we cover

Most of our work is done locally in Yorkshire these places include Keighley, Bradford, Shipley, Leeds, Menston, Harewood, Otley, Harrogate, Skipton, Clitheroe, Colne, Ilkley, Huddersfield, Halifax and Hebden Bridge. However we are willing to travel and have done some projects in Whitby, Rotherham and York. Our range of on-site and in-house blast cleaning techniques can be used in a variety of circumstances, on different buildings and objects, and for different purposes. We are always looking to take on new projects and show off our skills so for a quote or some helpful advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Reliable and Flexible

Here at PJ BlastClean we are reliable and flexible, we work around the clock to suit the requirements of our customers. Working with home-owners, local businesses and industrial sites to meet their blasting needs. Having all the latest Sandblasting, Pressure Washing equipment to effectively leave results you will be amazed by. Having both Sandblasting and Pressure Washing equipment allows us to assess and use the method best suited to the job. We thrive on the pleasure and pride we take in our work.

We are a polite and courteous team who pride ourselves on our ability to tackle the simplest of projects right through to the most complex of jobs with a professional attitude we never comprise on quality.

From our Customers

“I can highly recommend PJ BlastClean – really helpful lad, honest & v reliable…. & good at what they do! I’ve employed them several times on a commercial basis & they will help out wherever they can. Top company.”


Ellisons Construction ltd

“Excellent service from Paul… He provided a very professional job on Christmas Eve at short notice and the finish is superb. I would highly recommend this business!!”



“I would absolutely recommend Paul for the speed of his quote, his professional and friendly service and the quality of the finished job”



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